UI/UX Design

UI and UX design (User interface / User Experience) is not exactly a new thing. It actually has been around decades back when Macromedia Flash based (now known as Adobe Animate) interactive objects and interactive web pages were popular. Even video games now and then relied on user interfaces to make navigation seamless and smooth. Depending on the software used, it allowed 2D and even 3D based navigation of interfaces.

Nowadays when one mentions UI and UX, it’s usually understood as interfaces related to smartphone apps and web pages. Below are some of my latest work on such UI and UX designs.

Designer’s Guild app

A working prototype of my Designer’s Guild app. An all in one job/project procurement app for elite designers. It has client-designer and partner communication functionality, including a partnership list for project collaborations. It features an advance touchscreen fingerprint recognition security for different levels of access. Each level allowing availability of different functions respectively. Inspired by freelancing websites but in a much more simplified, easy to use, small form factor app.

Interactive prototype of the app. Tap to start.