Collateral design and Branding

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A brand starts out as an idea of a product which then moves on to the creation of its identity. A crucial starting point that diverges to the many form of marketing techniques and marketing products also known as Marketing collaterals. The Logo, typefaces and theme is crafted based on who the product is marketed to, as well as the values and aesthetics an individual or a company adopts. Usually a marketing and branding campaign requires collaterals such as brochures, stationaries and business cards, but nowadays digital format marketing such as social media banners and videos are a popular method. This is where an impactful and memorable design comes into play, as that is what determines how recognisable a product is.

Logo Design


A versatile  array of logo designs, from monograms to combos, abstract and even mascot style logos. Given a personal touch with some custom illustrated based on ideas and designs specified by clients.

Social media Collaterals